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02/03/2008 16:58:44 Joe McCarthy

Congratulation! Greetings from the US

Adore the site and think Nymph-like In The Forest images are particularly excellent. You captured red and green in perfect balance. They are brilliant.

Likewise, the colour of the flesh is a beautiful center-piece. The awesome body is part of nature.


22/02/2008 15:11:24 Del & Man

Vos photos sont sublimes, on ressent tout l amour que vous avez entre vous...

Nous avons adore !

Bisous ennylones

D & M

20/02/2008 19:51:00 karinoufred

Bonsoir a tous les deux, je viens de tomber sur votre site, et je vous dis bravo a tous les deux, des photos amateurs.......

Merci encore, et bonne continuation.


21/01/2008 12:23:17 Titia I am so impressed by your work. Its charming, beautiful and Erica is excellent. Oh those breasts. Peering at her gorgeous body just makes me very wet.
More please, and I'll be back.   Titia xx
21/01/2008 11:27:34 Dee I had the pleasure last week of working with Martin and Erica on the Little Red Jacket . They are lovely people and I am so glad I accepted their invitation.

So much time, preparation and dedication has been made to make this a highly sensual and successful project.

It is wonderful to see that such a simple idea can be so constructively used to make you want to go back for more in case there is something you missed.

I look forward to seeing more.

Dee x

03/01/2008 17:00:35 secret_PASSION

Tremendous pictures many go deeper into sexuality and sensuality than seen at first sight.


Always adore red keep the project going forever.

18/12/2007 18:22:59 James

Lovely gallery, lovely model, and a great concept
I do love the red jacket....


25/11/2007 11:03:52 Alister Brutnell

Very interesting project, you have put a lot of thought and time into the site and images.

Would like to see how the project progresses.

Well done

Alister (thebigyin)

22/11/2007 18:30:29 Juliette

Excellent enchanting  images, the right kind of approach for glamour/nude photography. Particularly enjoy the gentle nudes and the concept of public nakedness wicked or what. Keep up the pics and I can't wait to see more. 

Juliette x    ;)

12/11/2007 18:23:23 Dave

Some very interesting ideas and executed forms there. The idea of a theme is one both my wife and I enjoyed. Leather and skin together - you can't go wrong with that sensual combo.

A very brave model who obviously enjoys the attention.


Well Done


12/11/2007 09:51:22 Neil Davies This is a beautiful site very sensual and erotic red at its best
30/10/2007 13:13:57 Bruce and Sue Wilson

Great site! We've enjoyed the photographs and the

red jacket's uses. Best over naked skin in our


24/10/2007 16:42:23 Chloe

Beautiful and arousing photographs. In fact many had me melting in erotic satisfaction oops... perhaps too much.

Chloe x  ;)

18/10/2007 19:46:14 lexxii Fabulous colour. Beautiful shots and some very raunchy photos. love em to bits......
02/10/2007 20:31:26 Marianne

Your photographs are a delight not the expected porny stuff I really was expecting. The project seems fun and how well you've done it with the poetry and info. Excellent images, some exceptional when capturing wonderful light on skin, Nymph in woodland is my favorite. Nudity is a tremendous state and Erica's maturity and youthful body is a joy. Are more public nakedness pictures planned? Just the cheeky stuff I love.

Bookmarking has been a must I will return to see more exciting exploits of little red jacket.

Marianne  xx :)

21/09/2007 08:13:29 LaDy AkAshA

Hi !

Thank you for your visit, but sorry I haven't pics with red jaket.

Have a nice day

20/09/2007 22:13:08 Dominique

Pretty photographs.

Made well.

Thanks for your visit on my site.

Bravo for the Little Red Jacket.

19/09/2007 16:31:35 Michael Visited you site from a weblink and didn't know what to expect! Excellent pictures and each has some esoteric quality, charming and sublime inevery way. When will you run out of ideas? Particularly like the Edinburgh jaunt would have like to see Erica in a very short kilt!
Well done and good luck.
10/09/2007 16:48:26 GlorianoGurl# I could say the little red jacket site was good, but can't. I would rather say, 'It's magnificent!'
Sorry guys to fool about like that, but hey :)
The refreshing and different way you've handled glamour and art photography is excellent, not sure I appreciate the poetry and stuff but the pics are OK. In fact they're sexy and some.. very erotic!! I always think mature women are sooooo more generous with their sexuality - she's my kind a woman. have book'd-mark'd 
02/09/2007 16:17:36 JoFie

An amalgamation of wonderous images and all with a jacket - how daft is that! Not as crazy as you think. How many people would attempt to do that in the first place, not many. Could it be an obsession? I suspect NOT, but needing an awful amount of enthusiasm and creativity - my congratulations!!  :)

Will return to view more. Incidentally just adore the nymph-like pics gloriously sexxxy.

JoFie x

24/08/2007 15:35:44 Empress Stah

Hi Martin
Thanks for your message. I am afraid that it is not possible to show photo's on 'Friends' gallery, but my link is HERE.

I did enjoy the little red jacket though.

e* x

18/08/2007 23:05:27 purplesex Your site is wonderful with tremendous photos of charm and sensuality. Each image captures the essence of life and sexuality. A brilliant concept and I'm keen to follow future photographical exploits. You must have fun doing it.
18/08/2007 22:56:26 Sheila and Debra Simply gorgeous. We adore Erica she's sexy and how we would love her in our sessions... Keep all these wonderful pics a-coming, we're wetting-up just with the ideas we're having. Oops perhaps all this is too much - but it's how we feel!!!!!!
15/08/2007 17:59:13 Neovarda

Magnificent galleries which are exciting... 

Erica is a mature woman and who looks lovely naked, her breasts are exciting and I love the variance and ambience of the photography...

felicitations from France



06/08/2007 17:40:25 Julie Sous X

Splendide ;)
Excellent continuation


05/08/2007 18:32:28 Ryan

Beautiful! You capture the pure beauty of a woman... Erica is supurb.

More lovely photos pls

28/07/2007 20:33:03 John Tisbury Hi Martin

Thanks for putting my shots in your friends gallery and making a good job of their layout.

I hope to be one of many as your site grows. I do like the concept of your site, in photography as in any art form, people follow others like sheep, so it's refreshing to see some creative and original ideas. So congratulations and I wish you every success and many hits to your site.

28/07/2007 20:32:36 John Tisbury
24/07/2007 17:56:45 Denise-xGirl

came across your site by chance and like the pictures.

some are erotic and simply look glorious.  the idea is pretty good luv to see more.


15/07/2007 17:19:17 Laphotoneuse Bravo pour ces superbes photos.
09/07/2007 17:10:27 Katharina62

De très jolies galeries, riches de diversités thématiques et un modèle superbement expressive.
Très beau travail !
Bonne continuation.

26/06/2007 21:30:42 Myriam

Photo-journalistic in concept your project is enchanting, the charm that you have in the erotic photos is inspiring.

To embrace a more symbolic and eventful period it may need more varied pictures i.e. events where Erica is seen with 'real' people like at shows, exhibitions, and carnivals. I like her casual salaciousness, and her body is beautifully radiant.

Bravo to Erica!

23/06/2007 21:17:39 Philil Bremnar & Julie Atkins

We saw your link on Yves Wavy and here we are.

Like what we see. The little red jacket is a clever idea and its consistant use must need careful planning to be successful - which it is by the way.

Have bookmarked you and we will return. Some new exciting pics yet to come we hope.


16/06/2007 21:40:04 Franke and Pauline Phi

Your photographs are superb, without vulgarity and express a great softness, tenderness and fun.

The sensual photography has succeeded in making Erica a confident woman. It's a pleasure to look at all the different pictures that the little red jacket has created.

We look forward to more.

Thank you.
Franke and Pauline Phi

08/06/2007 19:01:10 DizzyGirl

You've captured Erica's nakedness wonderfully.

Clever thought to include the little red jacket!


02/06/2007 22:12:15 Heidi G

Found your site after typing littleredjacket into yahoo after buying a gorgeous red jacket from a lovely shop in Manchester wanted to see online surfing would cough up.

Very nice surprise to find a site with interest, no porn and a positive contribution. Good luck!

Honest and delightful photos which I like - great idea. hope it works for you and will visit again.

01/06/2007 21:10:38 fanfan
31/05/2007 17:37:44 Beeka Girl

your site is ok. came to it by accident.  theres bettapix on other sites but can see what ur getting into. tidy idea and one i like

28/05/2007 15:57:55 Had3sia

HI !

Great work, very sensual.


Thx for the comment in my guestbook


have fun



28/05/2007 12:13:54 Yves "Wavy" Hi Martin, Nice job you're doing there with Erica, what a brilliant idea. Thanks for your comments in my guest book, I really appreciated. Friendly yours Wavy
24/05/2007 19:12:56 Poppi

Brilliant idea! I have a red jacket that my boyfriend gave me and alway wear it without a bra not keen to have pictures of me though.

Erica is great. Hope to see more pics on site next time. Thanks.

20/05/2007 16:42:11 Modell1974


Great photos, what a joy of life!

I love also this kind of erotic-photography.

Best greetings

Hobby-Fotograf & Nude-Model (man, 50)


15/05/2007 19:37:41 Ann and Laura

Hi, we've just started taking photos and your project really is interesting. The bluebells are stunning our favourite time of the year and such a contrast with the jacket. I guess its easy always including the little red jacket into every shot is that a bit of a cop out? Tasteful and erotic pictures we like them. Do more.

14/05/2007 12:37:18 Lesley and Alan We both adore your photos. Cheeky and erotic.
12/05/2007 16:12:17 Paul and Patricia

We appreciate your natural pictures, tribute to feminity, to the eternal beauty...
A real research in artistic way... Eroticism is present, center of life...
We hope you'll add more galleries... Thanks

11/05/2007 17:58:44 Delia Marshal Came across your site by chance and what a memorable experience. Love your photographs and the whole project seems to me superb. Well done. Will visit again and hope to see more galleries.
11/05/2007 16:21:56 fiona smith wonderful photos, sensuous and erotic. well done
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